Must i Visit Court After I Apply for Personal bankruptcy?

Everybody who files for personal bankruptcy has to go to a Meeting of Creditors. This meeting can also be generally known as the 341 meeting, because the necessity to attend this meeting comes from Section 341(a) from the U . s . States Personal bankruptcy Code. The hearing will occur roughly thirty days following the situation is filed. Although it is called the Meeting of Creditors, creditors rarely really appear. However, if creditors do appear they’re permitted to request information.

Most 341 conferences last roughly a few minutes and contain the Trustee asking a number of standard inquiries to make certain that the documents is accurate and you have disclosed all your assets. The meeting is definitely an chance to get making the Trustee conscious of any information you didn’t remember to incorporate in your personal bankruptcy documents.

You’ll be sworn in at the outset of your hearing and you’ll be testifying under oath. The Trustee expects you to know the information found in your personal bankruptcy documents, so it’s always a good idea to examine the documents immediately before the meeting. This gives the time to ask your bankruptcy attorney any queries you might have.

Make certain to talk with your attorney per week before the hearing to go over what documentation you have the effect of getting along with you to the court. You will have to present a legitimate picture ID and evidence of your ssn to be able to testify. Most Trustees may wish to see bank statements showing the total amount inside your accounts at the time your situation was filed along with a copy of the most lately filed taxes.

This might appear very overwhelming for you, however, you should not feel scared. A skilled bankruptcy attorney can guide you car process.