Top Scenarios When You Must Hire an Employment Law Attorney If You Are an Employer!

Top Scenarios When You Must Hire an Employment Law Attorney If You Are an Employer!

While starting or managing a business, or running an HR department, there can be many things revolving in your head, isn’t it? Firstly, you might think about products and services that you are going to offer and your target customers.

When thinking about employees, you consider ways about hiring them and think about their salaries and other such benefits. However, most of the managers, HR staff, and business owners today overlook the importance of hiring employment attorney.

In fact, the need of employment discrimination lawyer is crucial for any business that wants to succeed and want to be on safer side always. It is because that no professional HR staff or senior managers have an idea on when they can be subject to the employment lawsuit. Employment law is quite complex.

While it might be possible that sometimes you don’t desire to spend money on legal fees, other times you might require investing in a reliable employment attorney. The following are some of the top instances when hiring employment law attorney can be the best idea.

When any of the government official or agency shows up!

You might just one day encounter a representative or anyone from the department of labor asking to see all the records. You should say here to them that please take your seat while we just call our employment attorney.

It is now time for you to call the employment attorney immediately and do what he or she says to you. You will require having sound relationship with your employment attorney before any government agency just randomly shows up.

When any of your employees complains about Illegal harassment

Sometimes, illegal harassment claim seems to be quite easy to fix. However, most of them aren’t too straightforward. At such times, you require conducting an investigation and check out with your attorney to ensure that you are in proper compliance with law and conducting investigation correctly.

There are some legal pitfalls in the harassment investigation. So, ensure that your procedures and policies are well in place prior getting any complaint. All these procedure must be checked properly by your lawyer.

When you require firing your employee

Employment is generally at-will in almost all states. It means that you hold power to fire an employee whenever you desire unless you aren’t firing them for any illegal reason.

For instance, you can easily fire your employee for coming constantly late, but you can’t do it if they get pregnant. However, there are still many situations that must be considered along with some many possible legal violations. You may require double checking with your lawyer before you fire any employee.

For writing your handbook

While you can write policies that are specific to the company, you still require cross checking it with your attorney since your handbook may create contracts with employees or include policies violating the law.

The attorney’s knowledge of the corporate culture, business, as well as management philosophy will greatly help you throughout. Hiring them will be highly beneficial for your business in the long run!